Please help me solve a SQL Query ...... please

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Thread: Please help me solve a SQL Query ...... please

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    Hi..... boy i&#039m stressed ... i have a SQL Query which i&#039m trying to make work. The query is to select over two tables the common email address in each and the update another feild based on those results. Heres the code i can get to work :<BR><BR>select maillist_1.EmailAddress , Sheet_1.Old_Email_<BR>from maillist_1 INNER JOIN Sheet_1<BR>on maillist_1 update emailfail = 0 where Sheet_1.Old_Email_= any (select EmailAddress from maillist_1) <BR><BR>deatils: table1 is named maillist_1 , table two is named sheet1.<BR>The error occours with the update statement : <BR>Server: Msg 170, Level 15, State 1, Line 3<BR>Line 3: Incorrect syntax near &#039emailfail&#039. <BR><BR>Please help...<BR>

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    Default SQL Syntax

    &#062;update emailfail = 0 <BR>wrong syntax<BR><BR>UPDATE TableName SET ColumnName = Value

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