asp.dll i need to use a second asp filter for filt

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Thread: asp.dll i need to use a second asp filter for filt

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    Default asp.dll i need to use a second asp filter for filt

    I need to add an extra filter for filtering the ?&#039s, &&#039s and =&#039s<BR>for when registering the site with search engines. However the asp.dll already exists for filtering asp extensions and ISM won&#039t let me add a second filter for asp extensions - any clues?

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    Default excuse me?

    start again from the beginning would you - that made f.all sense<BR><BR>j

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    Dhadden Guest

    Default RE: excuse me?

    Ok heh<BR><BR>search engines (apart from altavista and possibly google now) won&#039t register a page with ? or & or = in the url. Which means that any ASP pages returned using parameters - ie joebloggs.asp?shoe=big&red wont be accepted in the search engine rankings. There are, however, isapi filters available (or you can build your own) that will over come this problem - you replace the ?&#039s with / for example giving a rankable URL such as - joebloggs.asp/shoe/big/red. The filter then acts when it is passed to the asp engine and adds the ?&#039s etc in so the page works fine. However, there is already a filter called asp.dll on the site (without which the asp won&#039t work) my problem is that i need to use two filters and IIS (ISM) won&#039t allow me to add my second filter for asp pages..<BR><BR>hope this explains it a bit better

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    Atrtax Guest

    Default AHA.

    OK. I&#039m not 100% sure, but I believe Microsoft have one. try<BR><BR>Mostly the systems that do this aren&#039t running IIS - they&#039re runniong CMS systems such as Story Server etc... So i&#039m not 100% on it. IF you know ISAPI and C++ you could write your own faily quickly, but again, the installation issue....<BR><BR>j

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    Default RE: AHA.

    Thx<BR><BR>I&#039ve got the filters for doing it - just can&#039t get it installed cos of it not letting me use two. I&#039ll go have another look at msdn:)

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