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    Default Add, delete, update...

    What I want is an easy way to add, remove and update records in a database... I suppose I will have to learn this pretty soon but I just haven&#039t got the time now. Therefor I want a very simple example in which I can cut and paste easily to modify the script for my needs. I&#039m pretty new to asp but i know about the basics of SQL. If you can help, please reply here or email me at ! Thanks for reading this, I know I should learn this by myself and I will, just not right now.

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    Default bite the bullet

    learn it. it&#039s the only way. there is no quick fix solution<BR><BR> for tutorials<BR><BR>j

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    Default RE: any suggestions?

    Do you have any suggestions for a particular tutorial I should read?

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    Default It's been a long time....

    ...since i did any tutorials on ADO/SQL<BR><BR>try the beginners ADO/SQL articles on but there really are loads around. the best of all would be a book, such as the Wrox references or the SAMS ASP in 21 days book, but as online goes, has all of it in one place.....<BR><BR>j

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