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    Millie Miechel Guest

    Default transaction server setup fail

    Installing Microsoft Personal Web Server so I can install Coldfusion. I am a student and at the setup an unknown error occurred while making MTS specific changes to the registry. Therefore setup of transaction server core components failed. I am using win98. Please inform me what I have to do to install this correctly. Alternatively if this will not affect my learning ASP, databases and coldfusion with PWS, can anyone advise me please? thanks

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    Default happens a lot

    It won&#039t prove to be a problem if you&#039re learning.<BR><BR>j

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    Millie Miechel Guest

    Default RE: happens a lot

    so if it happens a lot i can assume there is nothing substancially wrong with my system? is this what you are implying? or that i should find a FAQ on PWS?

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    Millie Guest

    Default found the problem

    Atrax, thanks. I have found the url <BR>which offers a solution. many thanks to your discussion postings back in december :-)

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