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    Hello, I&#039ve got a big problem with a ASP-application. My task is to change 18000 values (prices of products) in a SQL-Server Table. This is not a problem so far, but these values must be changed before they are UPDATE:ed into the table again. They are changed with a ASP-function; which partly calls a large stored procedure and partly with a matematical calculation (rather simple). <BR>When I do a LOOP to UPDATE the prices I always get a "Timeout Expired" error after 56 records. (It works, but only with 56 records) &#062;&#062; I have set the "Server.ScriptTimeout" to 10000 - but it still don&#039t work, and no more records are processed!<BR><BR>The ASP code: <BR>--- --- --- <BR>Do until rs.eof <BR><BR>cnnSQL.Execute("UPDATE thisTable SET price = &#039" & thisFunction(rs("thisPrice")) & "&#039 WHERE thisId = &#039" & rs("thisId") & "&#039") <BR><BR>Loop <BR>--- --- --- <BR><BR>My questions are therefore: Is there possible to do a multiple (18000) UPDATE in a ASP-LOOP? What does "Timeout expired" mean? And: Can I increase the Timeout? If you know the answer to any of these questions I&#039ll be very greatful. Thank you very much in advance! <BR><BR>//Johan (johan.wrango@b2xpress.com)<BR>

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    I think You have to increase it on your webserver...<BR>contact your network administrator

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