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    Dat Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR>Does anybody know how to open up a new window inside of a response.redirect?<BR>My current code loads the crystal report inside my current browser window!<BR><BR>Response.Redirect "report1.rpt?user0=user&password0=passwd&promp t0=" + "value" <BR><BR>Thanks

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    Sathiya Guest

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    I think you cant use Redirect object to create a new window. You should use javascript to create a new window.<BR><BR>

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    Jason Gross Guest

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    You can&#039t use Respose.Redirect to create a new window. Response.Redirect will only route the current window to a new page - and ONLY if there hasn&#039t been anything written to the header (any text in any shape, header, body, etc) - or unless the buffer has been cleared. <BR>

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