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    I need to read the buffer on the asp page.<BR><BR>At the end of my asp page I have to know what sent to client.<BR>Is there some istruction or proprerty to do it?<BR><BR>Thanks a lot.<BR><BR> Andrew

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    plus a bit of an odd question. would you like to try again? the original makes very little sense. for instance - why??<BR><BR>j

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    Sorry for the short question.<BR><BR>This is the problem: I have a shareware site with only asp page.<BR>The search engine like altavista don&#039t index all pages of my site (I think because the url is the same for a lot of pages and only the parameter changes).<BR><BR>So I think to make a copy of my site in html version.<BR>But to do it I have to simulate the page execution to have to exact copy of all my pages.<BR>I don&#039t know how I can do it, but I thought that if I can read the buffer sent to client at the end of each page and I save it on hard disk, I resolve the problem.<BR><BR>I hope I has been clear on my explanation and sorry for my english.<BR><BR>If someone can help me can write on this messageboard or to my e-mail:<BR>Thanks.<BR><BR> Andrew

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