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    Hi, I wasn&#039t sure whether to post here or in the DB QA section.<BR><BR>Here goes: <BR><BR>I have a list of ID&#039s which I have parsed into a Session Array. <BR><BR>I wish to display (from the Database) all of those who are in the array and who have a certain flag set to ON. I will then create a link based on each record&#039s information. <BR><BR>The ID must have a flag set to ON, or else, it should not have a link created. <BR><BR>Following this, how do I create this dynamic DB call since this array can vary in size? Do I place a loop attaching SQL statments or something (as follows)?<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM table WHERE flag=ON &#062;&#062;AND/OR id = X1...Insert a loop here .. AND/OR id=Xn&#060;&#060; ??<BR><BR>Thanks for your time,<BR><BR>Vadim

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    Vadim Guest

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    This post has now been solved in the DB Q&A board by Bill... thanks again!<BR><BR>-Vadim

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