Where are the exercise answers?

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Thread: Where are the exercise answers?

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    Don Jenkins Guest

    Default Where are the exercise answers?

    I used the www.mcp.com/info website once for the first chapter of the book to obtain the answers after I had done the Exercises. However, since then there appears to be no valid page any more. Have the answers to the exercises moved? Most I can figure out, but there are some that I am still baffled by and would like to see the solution. Especially exercise 2 of Day 4.

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    http://www.mcp.com/sams/detail_sams.cfm?item=0672318636<BR><BR>Seems confusing that they wouldn&#039t setup some sort of auto-redirect... oh well. Hope this helps! :-)

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    Don Jenkins Guest

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    Thanks! I downloaded the .zip file, so I&#039ll never have to look for it again. Makes a difference.

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