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    I&#039m really sorry to post this, since I know the topic&#039s been discussed a hundred times before, but...<BR><BR>I&#039m looking for an NT Hosting provider for my site, that is inexpensive, but most importantly of high quality. Requirements:<BR><BR>asp2/3 preferred on windows 2000 (since thats the development platform)<BR>allows (direct) access database connections, not system DSNs<BR>possible future upgrade to SQL server<BR>allows setting directory permissions and scripts that can HTTP upload (either through a component or with the FileSystemObject)<BR>allows setting directorys as not-readable via the web (for storing access databases and such)<BR>good amount of disk space and bandwidth transfer<BR>having a reselling program would be nice but not neccessary<BR><BR>I&#039ve been looking at <BR><BR>which looks best to me right now,<BR><BR>also which looks a bit on the high end<BR>and ORCSweb which seems a bit on the low end. Already read the 4guys post about hosting providers and am currently running through the hostindex.<BR><BR>I just really want to get a good host, because I&#039ve been burned before after signing up for great features and great deals and then finding out from other customers and experiance how horrible the company was.<BR><BR>Suggestions, reccomendations, and comments about the above listed would be wonderful!<BR>

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    Default RE: ASP Hosting Provider<BR><BR>they are a pretty good service and have alot of stuff included in their plans for really good prices

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    Try or the .com I use them and there great plus I might get some discount for you!

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