I have written the following code using server side script to create and populate two one dimensional arrays.<BR>&#060;%<BR>dim recordcount<BR>dim userARRAY(), passARRAY()<BR>recordcount = 0<BR> do until rsuser.Eof<BR> rsuser.movenext<BR> recordcount = recordcount + 1<BR> Loop<BR> rsuser.movefirst<BR>REDIM userARRAY(recordcount), passARRAY(recordcount)<BR> FOR I = 0 TO recordcount-1<BR> userARRAY(I) = rsuser("username")<BR> passARRAY(I) = rsuser("password")<BR> rsuser.movenext<BR> NEXT<BR>%&#062;<BR>I am able to populate the two arrays. My question is, how can I get these two arrays and their contents to the client side. I want to send the contents of the two arrays out the comm port. Or can you just send data to the comm port from the server side?<BR><BR>Thanks