Loading data from field into a pulldown (combobox)

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Thread: Loading data from field into a pulldown (combobox)

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    Lola Guest

    Default Loading data from field into a pulldown (combobox)

    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039m trying to read data from an Access field (no duplications) so that they<BR>are written to a drop down list box for updates. Any suggestions would be<BR>greatly appreciated. Thank you<BR><BR>

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    Carlos Baez Guest

    Default RE: Loading data from field into a pulldown (combobox)

    Hi,<BR><BR>I just wrote an article with the code about it. You can read it at http://quadcomm.com under the Tips section.<BR>You can see 4 functions to retrieve the data in different ways.<BR><BR>Hope it helps!<BR>Any comments highly appreciated :)<BR><BR>Carlos Baez

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    Default Please Help Carlos,

    I want to read some data from a text file like<BR>1.23<BR>4.56<BR>5.89<BR>etc and to display it on a from field in the same format. This data should then be stored in a database(Access) table. The format in which it is saved doesnt matter. But when the from is reloaded after some time, it should be able to retrieve the stored information in the table back into the form field(text box) in the same format(as diplayed above). <BR>Could you please help me with this> I have been struggling wiht this since a long time. <BR>Thanx,

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