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    Rajesh Naik Guest

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    I ask the user to my site to enter name,email and password. In response i generate and id and give back to the user. I track the user through this id. In an event he forget this id I ask him to enter his email and password so that i can send him back the id. I can get his id by searching the database with email he sends to me. My problem is how can i send him/her mail autometically mentioning his forgot id ? I am using iis4.0. Can any one help me out regarding sending the forgot id (that i get through search) via email ?

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    associate that ID to the email and pwd<BR><BR>when you check the email and pwd retrieve the ID and sent it to the user

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    Rajesh Naik Guest

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    I know all that what i want is how can i send the user (who has asked for the id that he has forgot) the id i fetched from the database through email ? i want that user should get his id through email .I want a facility which would send the id directly to his email. eg all job site has this facility i.e if you forget yourpassword they send it through email.

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