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    Hi all,<BR>What is a better way of passing the forumID and messageID in a body of a CDONTSMail?<BR>When I try to send only the forumID,it works but when I send both forum and message ID, it doesn&#039t work.<BR>Here is my line:<BR><BR>objCDOMail.Body= "URL/Replymessage.asp?forum=" & forumID (This one works.)<BR><BR>objCDOMail.Body= "URL/Replymessage.asp?forum=" & forumID &ID=& messageID (This one doesn&#039t work.)<BR><BR>Please somebody help me. It is urgent.<BR><BR>Thanks. :-)<BR><BR>

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    try this<BR><BR>objCDOMail.Body= "URL/Replymessage.asp?forum=" & forumID &"&ID="& messageID

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    THANKS Akhilesh. It worked. You made my day!<BR>

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