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    mercury Guest

    Default File upload/download question!

    I want to add file upload/download features to my ASP site. I downloaded a trial version of ASPUpload. This shows an example of file upload but can any one tell me where I can get a good example of asp code on downloading file to the client machine from the web server.<BR><BR>I am learning ASP and any help would be GREAT!<BR>Thanks!!

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    Don&#039t know about te download part but if you want to have your own upload rather than a trial you can do that with 3 asp pages. I you would like the code for the 3 pages I would be happy to share just post your e-mail address and I&#039ll send them to you.

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    mercury Guest

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    That would be great....<BR><BR><BR>Thanks a lot!

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    Vadim Guest

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    Hi, <BR><BR>to upload files with ASP, you need a Server component, the Microsoft Posting Acceptor. Here is a link to a guide from MSDN,<BR><BR><BR><BR>As for downloads? I don&#039t see what the problem is? Can&#039t you just make a link to the objects you desire download? Then the user could simply right click the link and Save Target As... <BR><BR>Hope this helps,<BR><BR>Vadim<BR><BR>

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    Dougf Guest

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    Sorry Vadim you don&#039t need a component to do this.

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    Vadim Guest

    Default Send it to me also Doug =)

    Hey Doug,<BR><BR>I&#039d be glad to receive the files as well, here&#039s my email:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Vadim

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    Will Richardson Guest

    Default RE: Send it to me also Doug =)

    please send me the code too.<BR>Thanks!!<BR>

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    MelD Guest

    Default RE: File upload/download question! - Me Too!

    Send it to me! Send it to me!<BR><BR><BR><BR>THANX!!!!!!!

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