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    soni nigam Guest

    Default session time out

    How do i set session timeout and i need to redirect the page to the login page when session is time out ..please let me know how to do it ..should i code this session time out in all of my pages or in main page

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    Default Isnt soni nigam the name of a group??

    you have to use the .abandon() &#060;- R&D this<BR><BR>you only use it when you wnat to end the session<BR><BR><BR>the time out you can set where ever you wnat the main page will be good and yo need only to set it once<BR><BR>then <BR>if session("SomeVariableName") = "" then<BR>&#039the session has timed out redirect here<BR>end if<BR><BR>this is what you will check on the top of each page<BR>

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    Default = Soni Infotech, Inc.? <eof>


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    Default no its my name <eof>


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