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Thread: Interdev is messing with my HTML

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    PJ Guest

    Default Interdev is messing with my HTML

    I&#039m not the only one with this problem. I&#039ve seem some very dejected posts on Deja about this.... and no solutions seem to be forthcoming.<BR>I use IMG tags to display CANCEL buttons (etc) but I do not use WIDTH or HEIGHT attributes with them because I&#039m coding for GErman as well as english...and in most cases the german version of the gif is wider than the english version (or vice versa)<BR>However interdev INSISTS on putting in WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes.... so it all looks find in one language, but in the other... sheesh....<BR>I take the attributes out, save the file, reopen the file, and hey presto the **** things are back...<BR>Has anyone ANY advice they can give?? SP4 on Interdev 6.0 makes no difference to it at all..... and even says so unapologetically in the readme file....<BR><BR>All advice greatly appreciated...<BR><BR>PJ

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    Shedao Shai Guest

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    I had similiar problem with interdev. My solution:<BR><BR><BR><BR>interdev is great for tying into VSS and debugging an app but it falls short in many other places, such as code integrity. Hopefully this will be addressed in future versions.<BR>

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    Default Link Repair

    *<BR>Go to the project properties, in General / Link Repair select off.<BR><BR>This should probably fix it. <BR><BR>p.s. I&#039m pretty sure it&#039s the FPExtensions that do it

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