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    I am creating a web based application that generates a user specified number of listboxes. Using a FOR loop I can name the listboxes 1,2,3, etc. However to retrieve the information selected in the boxes, I cannot use a line such as &#039request.form("1")&#039 because there could be any number of listboxes created. I have tried to place a counter value ie &#039request.form(" & intcounter & ")&#039 within the code but this does not work... Is there any way around this?

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    Hi, just try doing this:<BR><BR>Instead of: request.form(" & intcounter & ")<BR><BR>do this: request.form("" & intcounter & "")<BR><BR>NOTICE the 2 double-quotes before and after the amphersan. I tried a coded sample page on my server with your single quotes and got a blank result, double quotes, the form value was read. <BR><BR>Hope this solves the problem<BR><BR>-Vadim

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