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    Dick Boarman Guest

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    I have one client who, from one particular site, (their office network) experiences a long delay(sometimes 5 minutes) when entering their username and password to login to our site. This happens nowhere else but from their building. I assume it would be an internal problem at their end, but any ideas what it could be or how to fix it?

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    Vadim Guest

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    Is his/her browser Netscape? I have had a similar delayed authentication problem with one of my programs once, and that was due to Netscape&#039s inhability with a certain snipet of Javascript code I had. I was running that on I believe Netscape 4.06 for Linux and Netscape 4.05 for Windows <BR><BR>But is it only THAT location? I mean if it&#039s across a browser.. then that&#039s the problem. If it&#039s just THAT one PC, then I would guess something is wrong with it.<BR><BR>Hope this helped in any way,<BR><BR>-Vadim

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