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    I am trying to pass a paragraph to a mail client using the mailto. I am insert %20 for space between each word and %0A%0D for new line feed and new line. However, the new line escape character set that I am using is not doing anything. <BR><BR>Does anyone know how to send a paragraph with spaces and new line?<BR><BR>example<BR>&#060;%body = "Email%20Address:%0A%0D"<BR>body = body & "Secondary%20Email:%0A%0D"<BR>%&#062;<BR>&#060 ;a href=mailto:farshad@grpsys.com?subject=Update%20Us er%20Information&body=&#060;%=body%&#062;-&#062;Notify Admin&#060;/a&#062;<BR>Thanks.

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    the simplest way is to let ASP do it for you with Server.URLEncode(string)<BR><BR>j

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