How ASP calls C++ dll????

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Thread: How ASP calls C++ dll????

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    Default How ASP calls C++ dll????

    What are the steps (codes) involved when an ASP needs to call a C++ dll???? PLS HELP!

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    I&#039ve seen a dll called like this before, but it wasnt from C++<BR><BR>&#060;!-- METADATA TYPE ="typelib"<BR> FILE="C:Program FilesCommon <BR> FilesSystemadomsado15.dll" --&#062;<BR><BR>Kind of like an Include statement. <BR>Maybe that helps, maybe not...<BR>

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    Default create a wrapper com

    You can create a wrapper component using VB or VC++.<BR><BR>then include the c++ dll.<BR><BR>then expose the function through declare statement<BR>ex:<BR>Private Declare Function xyz Lib "abc.dll" _<BR> (arguments) As Single<BR><BR>you might have to use SetEnvironmentVariable and GetEnvironmentVariable of "kernel32" library to trace your c++ dll<BR><BR>hope this is helpful

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