Creating Reusable Server-Side Form Validation

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Thread: Creating Reusable Server-Side Form Validation

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    Hello Scott,<BR><BR>Been following your book and trying implement the code as shown in the response title above... I have got everything to work and am working on the enhancements that you mentioned in this section of your book..<BR><BR>I set up another HIDDEN variable to pass to the form to go back to if there are errors.. then I moved your formatted ErrorMessage into a session variable so I could display the errors at the top of the original form page that was submitted...<BR><BR>My problem is that I don&#039t see a way to re-populate the original forms input fields and for a lot of fields it would be tedious to have to re-enter everything again...<BR><BR>Maybe I am not seeing the forest for the trees... would appreciate some direction, sample code, anything to get me moving again...<BR><BR>Thanks in advance and you have a great web site here... Have really enjoyed wandering around and learning what can be done...<BR><BR>Steve!!

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    Default I Can help you..

    Tell me how r u coming back to the page1 from page2, after submitting the form? Is it by pressing another button (i mean by post method) or by get method(pressing any hyperlink).

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    I am using a Post method from Page 1 to Page 2 for validation of form input... if validation errors occur then a Server.Transfer is used to return to Page 1..<BR><BR>Hope this answers your

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