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    I have a frames-based home banking app (using SSL) that works fine in NS 4+, NS 6.0, and IE 5.01 and below. <BR><BR>However the same code doesn&#039t work in IE 5.5. Basically, I&#039m making calls to a COM object, it returns a set of data, and then I iterate throught the results and format the results for various financial packages (i.e. Quicken, MS Money, or CSV formats). I&#039ve looked and looked trying to finding a clue as to why this is happening. I&#039m assuming that IE 5.5 is handling frames differently, but I&#039m not sure what to do to correct the problem for this one particular browser version (IE 5.5).<BR><BR>Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>thanks!!<BR>Bryan Chapman<BR>

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    As far as I know, 5.5 handles it all the same, I haven&#039t run into any problems. post some code, maybe that will help figure it out.

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