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    DianeW Guest

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    I wrote a vb com object (dll) to insert a row into one table and update rows in another table in my sql7 db. I ran the com object as a std exe to test - worked fine.<BR><BR>The vb code is basically one main subroutine (no params) that calls 1 other subroutine(1 param). <BR><BR>I am either getting "Error on page" in the bottom task bar of my browser, or I get a runtime error that says type mismatch (no error number). this runtime error occurs on the onclick event that calls a vbscript sub which actually creates the dll object on my asp page.<BR><BR>Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    Steve W Guest

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    VBScript only uses subtypes of the Variant data type. To ensure it does the business with components, you have to do one of the following:<BR><BR>i) Declare parameters in your component as Variant (bad!)<BR>ii) Use &#039;ByVal&#039; for your parameters (much better!)<BR><BR>I&#039;m not quite sure how this applies to your situation, since you say that the sub which accepts arguments is called from one which doesn&#039;t take arguments. Still, it might set you on the right track.

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