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    hi, is global.asa workable in pws. in my inetpub/wwwroot i had two directories email and b2b. I have three global.asa as in<BR><BR>inetpub/wwwroot/global.asa<BR>inetpub/wwwroot/email/global.asa<BR>inetpub/wwwroot/b2b/global.asa<BR><BR>my question is if i type inetpub/wwwroot/email/index.asp, which global.asa is being processed in *pws*. Do iis and pws have different process of global.asa. thanks

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    there can only be one gloabal.asa for each application.in ur case<BR>the one under email(wwwroot/email being the root) will get called.

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