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    Max W. Guest

    Default ASP's don't run offline!

    &nbsp;<BR>Hi there --<BR><BR>I used to use PWS with Windows 98 to run my ASPs... It had some drawbacks, but it worked well enough 90% of the time.<BR><BR>Recently I got a laptop and switched to Windows 2000. Now, I can only run my ASPs when I am online -- through dialup or Network connection -- which I rarely am. If I&#039m not hooked up online and try to acess my ASPs, a dialog box pops up saying "No conection to the Internet is available...blah, blah, blah..." and then "Click here to Work Offline, or here to Try Again". <BR><BR>With PWS, this never happened! It is not practical for me to be online all of the time, especially with a laptop! But I NEED to work on ASP everyday! <BR><BR>Please help... I am sure there is a setting someplace that I can change, but for the life of me I can&#039t find it! Maybe it is a combo of settings in Internet Explorer, The Personal Web Manager, and IIS. I&#039m frustrated ans stumped... <BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Max W.

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    Default Maybe this will help

    Are you using an editor like FP or is your browser set to look for a connection? Too many variables to answer your question you might try the link below.<BR><BR>

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    Max W. Guest

    Default RE: Maybe this will help -- Unfortunately no!

    &nbsp;<BR>Thanks for the advice... I checked the article, but it didn&#039t help!<BR><BR>It is driving me crazy!<BR><BR>M.W.

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