I have created a database with several tables. One table holds member names and details, with autonumber as a key. A second table holds a list of tasks the member performs and has a number associated with it. A third table associates both of these numbers, thus associating multiple tasks with members.<BR><BR>Now here lies my problem. These tasks are available for selection in the form of checkboxes on my web page. They are dynamic. Therefor, do I set up an array to handle my checkbox values? And if so, is it possible to handle this array in the SQL statement on the processing page?<BR><BR>Forgive me if I haven&#039t stated my problem clearly. I am new to ASP and find this task daunting. If you can help me, or if you require further clarification please post here or mail me at shnaek@eircom.net<BR><BR>Thanks for your help.