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    i have a doubt.kindly clarify it as soon as possibe.<BR> i want to send my web page to a particular user depending on the system<BR> is to use microsoft message server queque.i donot have windows<BR> nt.ihave windows there any other asp component or software<BR> (other that<BR>nt option pack) where this faccility is available.please clarify<BR><BR>

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    hi rajani<BR>Seems to be Indian !!<BR>Well as far as i have understood your Q.<BR>What you can do is you can use a mailing component called Jmail<BR>Not that has a property called Dolist through you can sand a page and it even work with win95 also so try out and let me know at my mail id :<BR><BR>kuldeep<BR>(Annet Communications)<BR>

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