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    Steve G Guest

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    In Java it is possible to run a SQL statement such as the following:<BR>select * from my_table where a = ?<BR>and then set ? equal to a value.<BR><BR>Is this possible in ASP?

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    Yes, like this<BR>&#060;% StrValToFind="Mushrooms"<BR> StrSql = "select * from my_table where a = &#039" & StrValToFind & "&#039"<BR>%&#062;<BR>Note that becuase I have assumed that your field a is a text field, I have surrounded it in single quotes(&#039).<BR>

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    Steve G Guest

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    Actually I was looking for how to use the SQl statement:<BR><BR>select * from my_table where a = ?<BR><BR>and leave the ? in there. I have found a solution now.<BR><BR>Thanks for your help,<BR><BR>Steve

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