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    Marianne Guest

    Default Does this work?

    typefac = Request.Form("fac")<BR><BR>strSQL = "SELECT * FROM " & typefac & "WHERE ddate = #" & firstDate & "#;" <BR><BR>I has error. if anyone knows how to do the query as above, pls help. or else i might have to do a very very long page consists of many case statement.<BR><BR>

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    I think you need to put a space before the WHERE word. If that doesn&#039t fix it, try doing a response.write strSQL and see what you get.

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    Yash Guest

    Default RE: Check the Query Again

    Is ur query same as u have typed ?<BR>"SELECT * FROM " & typefac & "WHERE ddate = #" & firstDate & "#;" <BR><BR>If yes try putting a space before where and/or the variable typefac should be properly parsed using single quotes. I gues ur back end is Access it itz MS SQl server then # wont work<BR>

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