customRS.Find "Date=" & DATEVALUE(now) <BR><BR>if customRS.eof then <BR>customRS.AddNew <BR>customRS("DATE") = NOW <BR>customRS("USER_SESSION")=1 <BR>customRS.Update <BR><BR>else <BR><BR>customRS("USER_SESSION")=customRS("USER_SE SSION")+1 <BR>customRS.Update <BR><BR>end if <BR><BR>for example now is <BR>1/2/2001 4:25:40 PM <BR>i want to AddNew same as b4 but this time i want to check <BR>the time as well <BR>as above example <BR>when time is between 16:00-15:99 then run else statement <BR>check the time <BR>between 00:00-1:59 <BR>between 2:00-3:59... <BR><BR>To make my problem more clear.......what i mean was on top of checking the date, we now also check the time sessions, ie. from 16:00- 17:59, and so forth in 2 hrs increments. <BR><BR><BR>thank you