Greetings,<BR><BR>Please bear with me.<BR><BR>I am displaying a series of courses in a table. There are three particular courses that need to show 100 days out, but the others need only to show 45 days out. Here is my original SQL statement that shows ALL courses 45 days out:<BR><BR>Set oRs = objConn.execute("SELECT * from ProgramSchedule WHERE cadState = &#039" & strState & "&#039 AND ((prgDate) Between getdate() And getdate()+45) ORDER BY (prgDate);")<BR><BR>Now I need to figure out a way to differentiate between the courses. Is there an "OR" clause I should put in there with the three course numbers and a new getdate clause, or what? Nothing I have tried works as I am not completely familiar with the proper syntax.<BR><BR>Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!<BR>