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    I can get the IFRAME tag to work great in Internet Explorer, but Netscape doesn&#039t do anything with it. No errors, no display. I&#039ve seen some people use IFrame tags as banner elements, but upon close inspection, they do have a src defined, but they also put a graphic within the IFRAME tag. I assume the src is read by IE and the graphic is read by Netscape.<BR><BR>But what I&#039m trying to do is load an ASP page within the IFRAME. This ASP page uses databases present and available only on my server, so the ASP MUST be run on my server, but it needs to be displayed through someone elses. The IFRAME is the only thing I can think of to accomplish this, but its gotta be cross-browser compatible.<BR><BR>Any ideas?

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    I&#039m not sure, but a server side include may work. You can also try using a layer command for netscape. you would just have to write a browser detection script to use layers for netscape and iframe for IE

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    FFrame may be what you are looking for. I came across this article yesterday, and upon implementing the code found that it works exactly the same with both IE and Netscape 4.0 and above browsers.<BR><BR>Try:<BR>http://home.netscape.com/computing/webbuilding/studio/feature1999v1n3-1.html

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