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    I add dates on my site and then subsequently edit them. They go in OK first time, but when I try and edit them the results are horribly unpreditable. Sometimes 15/01/01 displays as 15 January 2001, somtimes as 1 January 2015!<BR><BR>My server is US based, and I try to set GB dates by using Session.LCID=2057<BR><BR>Apart from that there&#039s nothing odd about the code...<BR><BR>On the Edit page it displays a variable strDate where strDate = objRec("CloseDate") (I could try changing the format here I guess)<BR><BR>This is processed on page called Edited, where objRec("CloseDate") = Request("To")<BR><BR>And displayed in a page which has FormatDateTime(CloseDate, 1)<BR><BR>Any help gratefully received!<BR><BR><BR>

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    Are you SURE that the SAME date displays differently at different times? Or is it possible that dates that are greater than the 12th of any particular month are the only ones affected?<BR><BR>

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    Yes, I think you&#039re right... It wants the first digit to be a month and if it isnt it assumes its a year...<BR><BR>Any thoughts?

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