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    Is there a great deal of performance related difference between a dictionary object and a same data being read from a database?<BR><BR>I want to know what is the criteria for choosing one over the other when all that I want to do is to retain information that can be used over separate session objects.<BR><BR>I have noticed that the data written in a dictionary object takes a long time to be removed. This hampers the performance by giving out incorrect data for a considerably long period of time.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Jack van Dijk Guest

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    It seems you store the Dictionary object in the Application object. This is not a good idea, because of it&#039s threading nature the dictionary object locks the application when placed in the application object. So, in that situation you&#039re better off using the database.<BR><BR>Jack van Dijk<BR>jdijk@xs4all.nl

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    Michael Swanson Guest

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    I don&#039t know if this is what you&#039re looking for, but you might want to check out today&#039s ASPToday article:<BR><BR>http://www.asptoday.com/articles/19991018.htm<BR><BR>Michael Swanson, MCSE, MCP+Internet<BR>Webmaster<BR>Donnelly Corporation<BR>mike.swanson@donnelly.com

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