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    My web development company recently lost an $5,000 contract due to a bug in Jmail, which revealed supposedly "blind" carbon copy addresses in the message headers of our mailing list. Not only was Dimac (the Jmail company) tremendously unresponsive and unhelpful, they refused to refund our measely $50 even though it was a confirmed bug that cost us 100 times that (not to mention the damage to our reputation). I advise you all to avoid doing business with Dimac.

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    Default vendor feedback

    As an independent consultant/contractor, I certainly value advice like this. Thank you for posting it. While I doubt that Dimac would be pleased to read your post, it is -- if truthful (and I have no reason to doubt that it is not) -- very valuable information to the programming community.<BR><BR>Thanks, again.

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    Default A bit thin on information

    A little scepticism is often a good thing<BR><BR>what version? was it really their fault? I&#039ve been using JMail for a long time now, and I&#039ve had no problems with it. Were you using it from ASP, WSH or COM? What mail server was it pointed at? does the mail server have a problem with routing BCC emails?<BR><BR>Post this complaint to a webpage and include the offending email in a zip archive so we can examine the headers, and a copy of the code you sent it with. Always be sceptical when someone apportions blame like this - you may be getting distorted info, besides only having one side of the story.<BR><BR>j

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