I have a freeware component provided by Softwing that sends file content (a stream of a whole file) to the browser. The following example streams a tiff file to the browser. The associated MIME application type (application/tif) opens the file. This application could be a plugin or Imaging for Windows etc.<BR><BR>See the following code:<BR> Dim fcObj &#039 the FileCache instance<BR> Dim bResult &#039 result returned from component<BR> &#039 create the object<BR> Set fcObj = Server.CreateObject("Softwing.FileCache.1")<BR> &#039 Read the file into memory<BR> bResult = fcObj.InitFromFile(FOUNDPATH$, True)<BR> If Not bResult Then<BR> Response.Write "The file could not be opened!"<BR> GoTo cleanup<BR> End If<BR> fcObj.MimeType="application/tiff"<BR> &#039Send file to the browser<BR> bResult = fcObj.Write()<BR> Response.End<BR><BR>Even though this FileCache COM component is cool, I don&#039t want to rely on this third party tool forever and have been trying to send content to the browser myself by changing the Response.ContentType property to the applicable MIME type (ex. application/tiff) and then sending the contents of the file to the browser using the FileSystemObject. The guy from Softwing mentions that this operation can be done via the FileSystemObject. Here is the code that I have started that is still failing:<BR><BR>Response.Buffer = False<BR> Response.ContentType ="application/tiff"<BR> Dim ts As TextStream<BR> Dim fs As New Scripting.FileSystemObject<BR> &#039read the contents of the file<BR> Set ts = fs.OpenTextFile(FOUNDPATH$, ForReading)<BR> stream$ = ts.ReadAll<BR> Response.Clear<BR> &#039write the contents to the browser <BR> Response.Write stream$<BR> Response.End<BR><BR>After hearing others suggest the same type of idea, I still am having trouble getting it to work. I tried using Response.BinaryWrite but that didn&#039t work either. I think the SoftWing component must add some type of content header or encryption of the content (wrapping as a MIME object?) before sending the final respone to the response to the browser. I am still confused about the idea of using the FileSystemObject at all since the OpenTextFile method of the FilingSystemObject is for text content, not binary content, but yet I have seen some examples on the Web about doing this with binary files.<BR><BR>Any help you could yield on this subject would be very appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Your friend and fan in Toledo, OH<BR>Mike<BR><BR>P.S. The Filecache component is available at:<BR>http://www.softwing.com/iisdev/FileCache/FileCache.zip<BR><BR><BR>