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    We&#039re looking at getting a dedicated server for a site but we&#039re a little confused about how IIS and SQL handles multiple processors. If we have a dual-processor machine, will SQL use both processors or can we tell SQL to take one and IIS to take another? It&#039s the choice between a 1 Gig athalon or maybe 2 600s. <BR><BR>Sorry if I&#039m in the wrong forum for this one, it looked like it was the closest match for what we needed. Thanks.

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    if u have win2k (any tier) then the os will make us of your multiple processors. I&#039m not sure (altho i some what doubt) if iis or sql have got special built-in support for the 2 processors, but as i said, win2k does and will make use of it! getting 2 slower processors often works out cheaper than a fast chip, but at the mo, the AMD does support dual processors (altho they r talking about implimenting such support on future chip releases). Beware, u don&#039t want 2 processors that can&#039t be dualed or w/o a supporting motherboard!

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