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    (Note: Please understand that I did post this in Moderated ASP. I put it there without realizing that it could take 48 hours to answer and if possible I&#039d like to get it answered sooner. My apologies to those that take great offence to cross posting.)<BR><BR>Hi Folks<BR><BR>It is I, the ever annoying novice posting another question. I have the code for a simple chat room. It simply asks for an alias and then your in. It&#039s really quite nice actually. But I was wondering if there was any code out there for something a little more advanced? What I&#039m looking to do is have a message board and multiple chat rooms with asp login features. I know the login part (I already have that part done and now I just use an #include login.asp line at the top), but I&#039d like to have it so that the login would determine what the user saw. Depending on their rights, they would only see certain posting areas and certain chat rooms. Sounds like a lot eh? If anyone can point me to any good sites where I can get a start it would be greatly appreciated. (PS: Yes I was already pointed towards ASP Unleashed 2.0, hopefully picking it up this week. Thanks again though.)

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    If you have any suggestions on the path I might take, please write me at

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