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Thread: Config instructions to setup asp

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    Default Config instructions to setup asp

    Getting all sorts of errors when I run asp on my nt server - Looking for step by step intial asp setup instructions. Getting http 1- http 500

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    Default Me too! but with PWS!!

    Please, can anyone help? I get the "http 1.0/501 Not Supported" error when submitting an HTML form to an asp page. Also get a download prompt when directly accessing an asp page. Obviously something hasn&#039t been set up correctly, but I&#039m so confused!! I have Windows 95, Visual Studio 6, IE 5 (but prefer Netscape - have 4.x), and NO - I do not remember in which order I installed anything, although I&#039m more than willing to uninstall & reinstall whatever an intelligent person recommends clearly. Thanks in advance for your help!!

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