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    Peter L Guest

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    Here is a huge question:<BR>Has anyone built or has any resources to build an ecommerce site that pretty much duplicates the same model as I like there because it will tell you when via email when the order will ship and links to track your package..<BR><BR>Any takers????

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    Brad Kingsley Guest

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    They&#039be spent a *lot* of money developing that system. What kind of budget are you working with? I&#039m sure there are companies that you can contract to do this for you but it would not be cheap to do it right.<BR><BR>-Brad Kingsley, MCP - NT, IIS4<BR>Reliable Windows NT Web Hosting<BR>ORCS Web, Inc -<BR>

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    Ampersand Software Appications ( can help you.<BR>write to with details.<BR><BR>

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