how to use ocx controls in asp page

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Thread: how to use ocx controls in asp page

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    hello all,<BR>i made an activex control .when i tried using the control in asp it is not working(i dont know how pass parameters to and from the control). but fortunately the same control is working fine in vb

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    Generally, you don&#039t cast your VB component as an OCX control if you want to use it with ASP. You should instead try creating an ActiveX DLL. Parameters would be passed (essentially) by setting property values prior to calling your method(s).<BR><BR>However, I have seen a component that will allow you to host OCX controls in an ASP. I cannot recommend it in your case, since you have the source code to your control, and would be much better-off making it into a DLL (you will lose speed and scalability if you don&#039t convert it). If you want to check it out, though, go to I can&#039t remember what it&#039s called, but it&#039s in there somewhere in their components section.

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