Hi,<BR><BR>Access 2000 seems to be giving me a bit of grief when inserting dates.<BR><BR>The system locale, date format, input locale in the regional setting on our W2K webserver are all set to US format. A response.write now() gives the date in US format.<BR><BR>However when i insert a date, using ADO, with american date format Access seems to switch around the date to Australian format (dd/mm/yy) - ie, even though it is inserting as US format mm/dd/yy it reads it as dd/mm/yy.<BR><BR>For example, when inserting the 8 February 2001 (inserted as 2/8/2001) the computer interprets this as 2 August 2001...<BR><BR>When i insert a day value that can&#039t be a month, ie, it is over 12, access decides to use the US date format, as this is the only variation that can be valid.<BR><BR>I am wondering if anyone has encountered this problem or knows of a solution...<BR><BR>Your desperately...<BR><BR>Regards<BR><BR>Richard<BR>