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    Lynn Maharet Guest

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    Hi all,<BR><BR>I have this major problem..<BR>I have this form upon submitting I&#039ll check the dates client side. The date captured is in dd/mm/yy but the client&#039s setting is in MM/d/yy.<BR><BR>what i did is to Cdate the value upon comparing. What i found out is that if the client&#039s setting is in m/d/yy or mm/d/yy or m/dd/yy as long as it is in month first then day then year, it will actually append the day to the year.<BR><BR>ex. mydate =15/12/00 in dd/mm/yy<BR>client date setting is in m/d/yy<BR>when I year(mydate) it actually gives me 2015<BR>it takes the first 2 digit of the year and append the day behind.<BR><BR>if client date setting is dd/mm/yy or in that sequence there is no problem.<BR><BR>so is there any way for me to force the client&#039s setting to dd/mm/yy? Please help...i&#039m very grateful..;)

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    Try putting Session.LCID=2057 at the top of your ASP page. This should force the client to use dd/mm/yy for dates.

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    Lynn Mahare Guest

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    But Eddie, the checking is done at client&#039s side so it has no affect. what u mean is putting Session.LCID=2057 within &#060;% %&#062; right? It doesn&#039t works

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