problem in "attach to machine"

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Thread: problem in "attach to machine"

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    Kelvin Guest

    Default problem in "attach to machine"

    Hi,<BR>I&#039m having this message "can&#039t attach to machine "XXXX" "<BR>I&#039m not sure what is the exact problem.<BR>Please help.<BR>

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    Default not enough info

    try again, with some detail this time. what are you trying to do?<BR><BR>j

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    Kelvin Guest

    Default RE: not enough info

    I&#039m creating ASP script that call the server to createobject that run Word application that convert the word file to html format and i try to run the script by press F5 then i receive the message <BR>"can&#039t attach to machine testing_server"<BR>I&#039m not exactly sure what went wrong.<BR>

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