Memory leak on IIS 4.0

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Thread: Memory leak on IIS 4.0

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    Jean-Luc Guest

    Default Memory leak on IIS 4.0

    We have on a regular basis problems on our server which are requiring us to restart it in order to make it work. The typical message is [ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] System resource exceeded. <BR>Anybody around who could put me on the track ? I already made sure that I am closing recordset, set to nothing recordset,closing connection and set to nothin connection.<BR><BR>Any other tips ?

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    Mark Vick Guest

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    Had the same troubles - been on the horn with Microsoft PSS for weeks - go ahead and send me the particulars via e-mail of your setup, I got the MDACs, NTDLLs, registry changes, you name it. Other than those, you could have a third-party DLL giving you the squeeze (we had two).<BR><BR>I can go into serious depth on this issue, with you, if you like.<BR><BR>According to Microsoft, with the patch I got the other day, I am as rock solid as you can be.<BR><BR>

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