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    Hello,<BR>I&#039ve heard that SQL is much more efficient than Access...can anyone let me what way it is efficient.<BR>What is the maximum capacity of both of them(in terms of rows & columns)..if the max capacity is crossed..then exactly what happens..does the database crashes..or just gives the error of being full...<BR>I want to store 2000 rows each containing 50 columns...which database should I go for..also how much server space should I opt for..can anyone tell me the relation(exact correspondence) between server space and size of database(rows and columns)...<BR>Please help me to choose what kind of database should I go for..Access or SQL..(also for SQL I have to pay extra price)<BR>Please reply asap..<BR>thanx...<BR>happy new year<BR>Nikesh

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    Access USES even MS SQL Server uses SQL<BR><BR>SQL is the language<BR><BR>if you are comparing MS SQL Server and Access then access does have its limitation even compared to size and in some cases speed when it involves really large amounts of data<BR><BR>If you are just going to have a table with 50 cols and about 2000 rows you MAY stick with access.

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