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Thread: Need help with AUTHENTICATION

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I need to authentify incoming users on an intranet website. The company pretty much uses a 100% percent Microsoft solution, meaning IIS 3, NT server 4, access database. Users all have NT Workstation, but some use IE and some Netscape. A minority uses WFW3.11 on aging pcs.<BR><BR>I&#039ve tried a few techniques. NT Challeng/Response won&#039t work since some people have netscape. Right now I have IIS set to Allow anonymous and basic clear text. This allows everyone to connect without having to log in. However, I don&#039t believe the web server identifies the user, since a Response.Write(Request.ServerVariables("LOGON_USER ") doesn&#039t print anything.<BR><BR>Unchecking Allow anonymous permits the display of the NT WorkgroupUserid with the above ASP instruction... well, for me on the server, but other people were prompted to log in, and I don&#039t want that.<BR><BR><BR>So what would be a pretty sure way of identifying a user, knowing that some use ie and others netscape?<BR><BR>thanks

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    I&#039d suggest you read, Simple Authentication, available at:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Using simple authentication, you can use a database of username/passwords. If anyone tries to access a page before they&#039ve "logged on" and have been authenticated, they are taken to the logon page. See if it isn&#039t what you need...

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