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    In Access I always used to have the first field in the table as &#039ID&#039 and have it set as &#039AutoNumber&#039, so when ever a new record it was automatically assigned a number incremented from the previous record. However in SQL Server/Design view I cant seem to do this. Any ideas how?

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    It is called an Identity Column. You must specify the seed and the increment of the values. (1,1) will start at one and increase in intervals of 1.<BR><BR>You can run this example script in SQL query tool that creates the table:<BR><BR>/* Example Script */<BR>Create Table Customer<BR>(<BR>ID int identity(1,1),<BR>CustName varchar(50) not null,<BR>CustAccNo varchar(10) not null<BR>)<BR>GO<BR>/* End of example script */<BR><BR>You can insert a record by executing the following<BR>/* Example Insert */<BR>INSERT Customer(CustName, CustAccNo) VALUES (&#039Matthew&#039,&#039M0001&#039)<BR>/* End of example insert */<BR><BR>Now to get the ID value of the record you just entered, simply execute the query:<BR><BR>/* Example of getting last new ID value entered */<BR>Select @@IDENTITY<BR>/* End of Example Query */<BR><BR><BR>Cheers<BR>Matthew Deeks<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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