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    I&#039m getting this message when trying to access .asp pages on the site:<BR><BR>http 1.1 / Server Too Busy<BR><BR> I wasn&#039t getting it yesterday but now i am. Is it possible that something was coded incorrectly in .asp and caused this to occur? Htm pages work fine, just not .asp ones.<BR><BR>What&#039s the problem?<BR><BR>thanks.

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    hi!<BR><BR>i think i have the same problem:<BR>my website is hosted on a virtual server of a webhost-provider.<BR>(<BR><BR>Webserver:<B R>CPU 2X 550 MHZ , 512 Ram <BR>IIS4<BR><BR>the website works without problems for 24 hours, and then suddenly, the .asp-files are no<BR>longer loadable. netscape navigator statusbar: "try to connect host waiting for response.."<BR><BR>my provider sent me the following error message:<BR> --&#062; SErversyntome ---&#062; Prozessor auf 100 % --&#062; .asp doesnt work any longer<BR><BR>after rebooting the server, my website works correctly again, and then, after a couple of<BR>hours, it "crashes" again. sometimes i get an http-error: "HTTP .. Server too busy".<BR>But - there were definatly only 1 oder 2 users on the site, when crashing.<BR><BR>maybe someone can help?<BR>a. stradner<BR>

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